Personal training

For 7 years, I took care of the physical preparation of Bodyguards and specialists in the protection of objects. I also taught them martial arts and the handling of weapons.

In 2018, I trained to become a Certified IRONMAN Coach in order to broaden my knowledge and skills in tplete, efficient and versatile athlete through varied training.

My goal is to make you a complete, efficient and versatile athlete through varied training.

Get back into shape

Getting back into shape, whether to lose weight or after a long period of low activity, a pregnancy, a surgery or an injury is not easy and requires a strong motivation.

A coach will help you start or return to sport correctly, with an adequate progression in the intensity of the sessions.

Training can be done at your workplace, at home or outside.

To do this, after an assessment of your physical condition, together we will adapt your training programs gradually, so that you can continue your sporting activity over the long term, with pleasure and without injury.

I offer a wide range of exercises including, for example, bodyweight training, running, swimming, boxing, trail running or any other activity to help you surpass yourself and achieve your goals.

A proper cardio work will increase your energy expenditure and will allow you to burn fat and stabilize your weight.

Physical training

I offer training as well as specialized training plans for Triathletes and Trailers but also for everyone.

Whether you want to improve your performance, your technique (swimming, running, etc.) or prepare for a competition, take advantage of the experience and advice of a professional to surpass yourself and achieve your goals.

Training is an adventure, with its ups and downs. Being fully aware of these difficulties, my role will be to accompany and support you at all times.

This company isn’t called Pure Motivation for nothing !