At a very young age, Laurent discovered nature through the mountains and rock-climbing and became passionate about extreme sports.

He traveled for several years in the Himalayas in 1998, with his backpack to discover new horizons and different cultures. It was at the beginning of this journey that he was introduced to Hatha Yoga and meditation. He took the opportunity to make numerous retreats in Laddakh and Nepal.

He teaches then martial arts and weapons handling to specialists in the protection of property and bodyguards and took care of their physical preparation. He also worked as a bodyguard.

He then became a teacher at the Shanti School of Yoga in India in 2009 with Swami Sajeevan Arakal Manoharan and decided to make a living from his passions: scuba diving and Yoga.

He created a scuba diving center in the Philippines where he taught recreational diving, technical diving, freediving and Yoga.

He returned to Switzerland in 2015 and took advantage of his return to train as an energy therapist and as an Ironman Coach.

He has a keen interest in meditation and self-discovery through the body and the breath. Since 2009, he has shared his love for Yoga, sport, personal development and nature through numerous activities and helps people reconnect with the Earth and themselves.