Passionate by nature, yoga, meditation, sport and everything enabling her to surpass and discover herself.

She always had a strong interest for spirituality and personnal development. She first discovered meditation in 2002 and practices regularly since that time, she then became a Yoga teacher in 2009 during a 6 months trip in India with a Master. She taught Yoga, meditation and diving for several years in the center they created in the Philippines.

She is currently studying Naturopathy and works as a nutritionist specialized in detox and weight loss. She also practices energetic healings and works on emotional harmony with bush flowers.

ASCA accreditation.



Very young, Laurent discovered nature through mountain and rock climbing and got addicted with extrem sports. He then traveled several years to discover new cultures and horizons. That’s at the begining of this journey that he got introduced to Hatha Yoga and meditation in the Himalayas in 1998.

He then became a Yoga teacher in 2009 at the Shanti Scholl of Yoga under the direction of Swami Sajeevan Arakal Manoharan.

He has a strong interest for meditation and self dicovery through body and breath. Since 2009, he is sharing his love for Yoga, sports and nature through several activities and helps people reconnecting to the Earth and their inner self.