In search of a deeper understanding of life and the nature of the mind, I discovered Hatha Yoga in India, in Rishikesh, 25 years ago.

My practice has been enriched by numerous masters in the following styles : Sivananda, Iyengar, Bikram as well as Ashtanga in Mysore. I then did my teacher training with Swami Sajeevan Arakal Manoharan at the Shanti School of Yoga in Kochi, India in 2010. 

The courses I offer are inspired by these years of research and practice.

Hatha Yoga

Hatha is the oldest traditional yoga from which all other styles stem.

It is a science that has evolved over millennia and deals broadly with human well-being on a physical, mental and spiritual level.

The Yoga that I teach is a mixture of different styles, the classes are systematically different.

Anyone can practice it and it does not require any special skills. The sessions are open to everyone, whether you are a beginner or an advanced practitioner, I will be able to offer you variations of postures adapted to your level or your physical limits.

Yoga has many benefits. Stretching helps release accumulated tension in the body and relieve back pain. The resulting flexibility will allow you to gain mobility and the numerous postures of balance and strength will allow you to tone the body by strengthening the muscles and bones. 

It is an ideal technique for preventing illnesses, protecting your body in general and developing health, peace of mind and will power.

Yoga for athletes

For several years we have been giving Yoga classes for elite athletes in various disciplines. Sport practiced intensively over the long term tires the body but also the mind because of the stress of competitions. The tensions, shocks and constraints of sporting events will lead to a loss of flexibility and mobility or cause pain.

The practice of Yoga in addition to sport helps to release tension present in the body and soothes pain while softening the muscles and tendons.

The resulting gain in balance, flexibility and mobility will also optimize the performance of practitioners and avoid injuries. We offer dynamic Yoga classes that will tone and strengthen the body and make supports firmer and safer.

Relaxation and breathing techniques are also assets to better manage stress and to have restful sleep.

For elite athletes, we offer specific courses, adapted in collaboration with coaches, depending on the muscles used by the athletes, the different periods of training and competition as well as the objectives to be achieved.

Yoga for kids

Yoga allows kids to feel good in their bodies, it teaches them to deal with emotions, improves concentration and stimulates creativity.

While having fun, the kids discover, get to learn how to respect and to listen to their bodies. Through different positions they will improve their suppleness, coordination, balance and strength, they will develop confidence and get to know themselves better.

The courses are respectful of the child body and rythm.

Everyday kids have to compell with the desires of adults, in this course, the teacher adapts to them.

The sessions include a physical part where postures are presented in a playful way while imitating animals for example. We then explore several ways of awakening their senses , play with the breath, use visualisation techniques , express emotions and learn relaxation techniques.

Corporate courses

Pure Motivation specializes in Corporate Yoga.

Why Corporate courses ?

Many people are victims of stress that keeps increasing in our society: anxiety, sickness, burn-out are becoming current words and issues.

We are constantly lacking time and finding it difficult to take a break and to take care of ourselves.

Practicing Yoga  at work helps reduce stress, reinforces the immune system, brings peace and harmony and helps to be grounded and centered, allowing physical, mental and emotional stability.

Required equipment :

It only requires a space to practice: it can be an office, a cafeteria, a meeting room or even a hall.

It is possible to do a course on a mat or on a chair to avoid sweating and then, no need to get changed or to take a shower afterwards. It depends on your wishes and possibilities.

Benefits of Corporate Yoga :

Practicing at work improves employees weel-being, it offers a regenerating break during the day and saves a lot of time. No more time loss and stress due to traffic.

-Improves health and wellness

-Diminishes stress and anxiety

-Releases muscle tensions

-Improves attention

-Reinforces immune system

-Team building

Our different programs :

-Weekly Yoga courses

-Yoga on a chair

-Yoga on a mat



-Health and Nutrition workshops

-Stress Management workshop