Personal training

Personal training

Laurent is an IRONMAN Certified Coach. He offers specialized training and training plans for Triathletes and Trailers but also for anyone else.

There are so many ways to stay fit. Tap into the knowledge and experience of a professionnal.
For us it is essential to train in a healthy and natural environement.
Early morning, at lunch time or after work, get out to breathe fresh air and spend more time outdoors to take care of yourself.

Pure Motivation


Weither you want to loose weight, stay fit or improve your performances, we will insure you keep a Pure Motivation to move toward your goals.
Training is an adventure with its ups and downs, we will be here to guide you and to support you at all times.
Experience a wide range of sport activities outdoors.
We do not use machines to train but our body weight.

Cross training

Cross-training helps you to improve your global performances with a wide range of sport disciplines in order to be fit and efficient.

Weither at your workplace, at home or outdoors, we offer a wide range of exercices such as body weight training for strenght and conditioning, running, swimming, boxing, trailing or any other activity that will help you push yourself or reach your goal.

This is the ideal concept to become a polyvalent athlete and to open the doors to new horizons.


Get back into shape

Getting back into shape after a long period of low activity, of pregnancy, of surgery or an injury is difficult and requires a serious motivation.

A personal trainer will help you start up or get back into sport properly, with an adequate progression of the intensivity of the sessions.

After an assessment of your physical condition, we will adapt our training programs according to your improvements, in order to be able to enjoy sport over a long period of time without injuries.

Weight loss


If you wish to do sport and loose weight, we offer a program that combines nutrition and personal training.

In fact, sports has a tendency to transform fat into muscles, but by combining sport and nutrition, you can loose weight quickly and tone your body at the same time.

With a proper cardio training, the high energetic demand will allow you to burn fat and stabilize your weight once you have shed your overweight.

Enjoy our offer: « sport and nutrition » includes a nutrition adjustment and 10 sport sessions with a personal trainer.