Pure Motivation is born from the desire to discover who we really are and to realize our full potential.

We are convinced that by reconnecting with oneself and the Earth we can go beyond our limitations and that it is in this space of total inner freedom that we find our joy and our inner peace.

We wish to share different practices contributing to health, balance and well being of body and mind.

Our aim is to offer several means to take care of you through nutrition, sport or Yoga and to introduce those who wishes to start an inner quest with the power of breath and different meditation techniques from the Indo-Tibetan traditions.


Monthly workshop : Ashtanga
Saturday the 7th of May 2022 - from O9:30 am until 12 noon at Parc Lagrange or Joyah Center depending on the weather conditions. The...
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Yoga and personal training at Home
You are looking for private or semi-private courses at affordable prices? I am coming to your place and adapt my lessons to your level and...
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Online courses
We are proud to présent our online courses : Monday 12:15 Hatha Yoga (Laurent) Wednesday 9:00 Soft Yoga (Yohanna) Wednesday 19:00 Yoga flow (Yohanna) Thursday...
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Monthly Workshop : 12 Basic postures Sivananda
Saturday the 2nd of April 2022 – from 09h30 until 12h00 at centre Joyah or online on zoom We are offering you to experiment the...
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Monthly workshops 2022
For the 1st Semester 2022, we are inviting you to discover different Yoga styles The aim of all these workshops will be to let you...
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Monthly workshop : Iyengar basic series
Saturday the 12th of  February 2022 - from 09:30 am until 12:00 am at centre Joyah or online on zoom Comme to discover BKS Iyengar...
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